Our Art, Your Life: The Thoomp! Aesthetic

In today’s colorless and increasingly conservative times, taking a stand and making a statement amounts to popping on someone else’s logo. Why be a billboard? Wear or show something intelligent instead. Our art fits your life.

With over 150 unique, subversive, and downright sassy designs to choose from, Thoomp! / Wicked Wearables offer ways to be creative, satirical, and stylish through the post-modern canvases of apparel and gifts. (And of course, we also offer our artwork as traditional, framed and signed prints.)

How We Got Started

Since early childhood, designer and entrepreneur Seth Diamond remained fascinated by the simplicity and ubiquity of traffic signs. He married this interest to a love of mid-20th century industrial, graphic, and type design, and figured that apparel, gifts, and framed artwork were the right places to put it all. Thoomp! / Wicked Wearables were born.

Important Apparel Facts

Unless specifically noted, all of our apparel is made from 100 percent cotton. We utilize both direct-to-garment and high-heat press processes per our garments, and make each item by hand to ensure the best possible quality control and meet the needs of each specific order.

Something To Feel Good About

At Thoomp! / Wicked Wearables, you have a lot to feel good about. We make up most of our items in-house right here in Cambridge, MA, USA. For the rest, we’ve partnered with a vendor in upstate New York.

So with every purchase, you’re supporting small, local businesses instead of large companies like Spreadshirt or Café Press. We actually make up each item by hand, on-demand, and to order.

Ethics Come First

As far as being socially responsible as a small business, we make it a point to work predominantly with living-wage, ethical vendors.

Our ultimate goal is to establish exclusive relationships with living-wage, sweatshop-free vendors. So the more you buy, the more likely we’ll be able to leverage our economies of scale to do so.

Ordering Flexibility

With few exceptions, we offer all of our designs in all of our product lines. Unlike other manufacturers, this ability affords both our retailers and our customers great flexibility in choosing the designs they like, to appear on the products that they really want.

So if you don’t see the apparel style that you’re looking for here, don’t worry. We try to fulfill custom Thoomp! orders on request. Please contact us for details and pricing.